PIQUED: Collection and Connection

Craft Cubed, August 2017
Mae Finlayson and Holly Leonardson

Coinciding with Craft's two day conference, Mae and Holly's artwork for exhibition includes ideas of 'Sloppy Craft' (Adamson, G 2008), and slips between ideal disciplines of art and craft. For Craft Cubed the artists propose to collaborate by distance on a body of work that checks in with their shared appreciation of the stuff that others no longer want. Specifically unfinished craft projects, vintage how-to books and discarded DIY objects. These are reframed and reimagined through exploratory open ended modes of making to generate new meanings. The final works for Craft Cubed may be a mix of 3D/2D soft sculptural objects that use both traditional and contemporary craft techniques, including collage, embroidery and digital fabric printing. While each artist shares inspiration from similar materials and ideas, their making process and finished works have been observed as opposites. For example, Mae’s approach is messy and quick while Holly prefers to be tidy and careful. Despite these practice differences, it is an intention of both artists that the spirit of an object's history not be erased.

1000 £ Bend
361 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne, Australia


Craft Cubed event webpage
Photography Diesel Kang