Assemble Gingerbread World

Solo exhibition at Sawtooth ARI, Launceston

Through collage-based works my intention is to visually portray ideas of strength in softness. These ideas come from the true inspiration I feel when witnessing the hard work and dedication displayed by my friends and creative peers who I look up to (many being young/young at heart women like myself). They determine their own lives and creative paths through brightly coloured worlds of their own making.

My choices of found imagery position young girls and women amongst positive landscapes formed from flowers, plants, crystals, confectionary, pillows and soft toys, to indicate independence, friendship, softness and strength. Utilizing cheerful colours I have chosen to embody this unapologetic approach to life and appreciation of simple beauty, nature and adornment. The naively drawn floral shapes and icing patterns scrawled in worn out black marker on found paper function as both decorative elements as well as a nod to girlhood, and sheer joy found in creation and self-expression. Vintage how-to books on cake decorating, home gardening and garment knitting are sometimes aimed exclusively at women for the purpose of their own independent learning, self and home improvement, and images and phrases from these have been co-opted as the imagery and titles of these works.