Tinsel Town

'Tinsel Town' is a collaboration between designer / multidisciplinary artist Rachel Burke and visual artist Holly Leonardson.

Using up-cycled and salvaged jacket bases, Rachel Burke has created a collection of tinsel jackets inspired by personal childhood memories and her constant quest to re-imagine mundane experiences. Photographing the garments in suburban Brisbane, Rachel’s images have then been re-contextualised by Holly to create a collision between their two worlds.

With coloured markers, metallic gel pens, pencils, scissors and glue, Holly Leonardson assembles serene yet joyous collages, filled with looping rainbow motifs and flowers drawn in a delicate, child-like style. Using carefully cut out printed images of the sparkly tinsel jackets created, styled and photographed by Rachel Burke, Holly’s aim was to re-present the playful, confident attitude unleashed and enhanced by Rachel's glittering maximalist jackets in a two-dimensional paper format.

Exhibited at Analogue Gallery, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane in November 2017.
Photographs from the opening can be viewed on flickr.